Coach Hire for London day Trip

Hire A Cheap Coach or Luxury Minibus for London Day Trips | Days Out and Nights Out in London UK

Cheap Coach Hire recommends some of the attractions when it comes to man-built tourist attractions in London. After all, there are so many real sights that we prefer to concentrate on those. However, 'The London Dungeon' 'The London Eye' and 'Madame Tussaud's' are big crowd pullers. A lot of money is spent on promoting tourism in London and it's difficult to find an objective source of information. Don't rely on leaflets or brochures produced by the attractions for anything but opening times, admission prices etc. and do always get a second opinion.

It's worth booking or getting tickets in advance for any major attractions - including The Tower of London - which will save you a lot of time - sometimes the queues can take hours - you can usually book online. Tourist offices sell tickets - for example for the London Dungeon which enable you to avoid the 400 metre line of frustrated teenager. Tourist offices Tube stations sell combined tickets for travel and admission which can be good value and avoid queues, at least those at the attraction. However cheap coach hire is there to assist you in any information you require once you choose us as your coach hire company

If you can get around a lot of stuff (and we mean a lot) in a day you could (just) save money with a London pass. At 36 for a day per adult you'd only be better off if you took in 4 major attractions - which is going some, and you'd have to be capable of supersonic flight to manage to see the good ones.

The only way we see this as saving you money is if you visit The Tower, Shakespeare's Globe, HMS Belfast AND the Britain at War Experience in a day, as they are quite close by. Start as they open in the morning.

Hire A Cheap Coach or Luxury Minibus for London Day Trips | Days Out and Nights Out in London UK

It's calculated to look more attractive than it possibly can be. Some attractions, such as the Chislehurst caves (not a major tourist attraction by any measure) or Windsor Castle (reasonable, but Hampton Court is better) are a day trip in themselves and you'd actually lose money trying to see them on a London pass. The card gets better value once you increase the days (and the price) but you'd really have to want to visit a LOT of what's on their rather restrictive list. Without Tussaud's or the Dungeons up there we can't see how this is anything more than a waste of money.

Cheap coach hire can manage all the above requirements and make you London visit enjoyable and days to be remembered, we offer some of the best deals in coach hire for London day trip and other day trips to attractions outside the city,

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